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Cjae (born in Grenada) is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, amateur producer and novice audio engineer. He is best known for his collaboration with the popular French YouTuber, Joyca, on the song "LOAT".

Cjae grew up in a musical household, with his grandfather being a self-taught guitarist. This deep love for music stayed with him through his teenage years, where he often wrote poetry. He transitioned to songwriting shortly after graduating in 2007 and tried his hand at Hip hop and Dancehall. He then moved on to other genres such as R&B, Soca, Pop, and Reggae.

In 2015, he committed to pursuing his music career full-time, investing more time and money into his craft. He released his debut EP “Overdue” in 2016 and his debut album “Code Red” in 2019. He also worked on his songwriting, audio engineering and production skills.

Cjae gained a bit of recognition when he was featured in an in-flight magazine, ZiNG Magazine, for a regional airline. His biggest feature came in 2021 when Joyca stumbled on his Fiverr freelancer profile and they collaborated on a song called "LOAT", which has amassed almost 4 million views on YouTube and over 1.4 million streams on Spotify.

Cjae is also an accomplished photographer, graphic designer, and videographer. He is currently working on his next album and expanding his music career.



Management: Tremr Records

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