About me

Grenadian born and raised, with a wide variety of genres at his disposal, Cjae has spent his time developing his craft to justify the nickname “Grenadian Chris Brown” given to him by peers and fans alike.


After releasing his debut EP “Overdue” in 2016, followed by his debut album “Code Red” in 2019, he spent the next two years working on his songwriting, audio engineering and production skills. Boasting features with award winning producer Centric on the single “Timing”, along with appearances on many other projects from Hyume, Danny Berno, LuminaThaPoet, Odd Wall, Impulse Productions, Spice Boyz, Samson Reece, Cybeat and Tiny Tsunami just to name a few.


Cjae now enters a new and exciting chapter in his career, preparing to drop yet another album, as well as showcasing his all-round versatility in styles, genres, and creativity in as many ways and across many different projects to come.


Stay tuned!

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